The Manic Placements of a Cause Unknown

The beginning of an end…

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The marriage

Sentiments of desire
Holding a fragrance
Still as potent as a year prior

Additional ventures
Not planned
But added

Steadfast with youth
A bottle already broken
The dream elixir spilled upon
Seeping into cracks

No tears shed
No remorse

Become familiar
New role
An obligation all to honorable


More time to practice please!

I need a loop pedal… and alot more practice. This guy is amazing!

aspect of the theory

The night air thins and displaces.

Exerting energy in all forms and regards.

My eyes close to find a placement of equal importance.

Distorted voices.

A figure in the dust cloud.

Laughing as they do.

Unbeknownst, unannounced, uninvited.

The harder I control, the more I lost.

Will vision decrease?

Another ledge to walk off.

An ultimate trust.

Her smile, a gyre to be swallowed.


The cold brisk air chills my bones.

Yet the fear continues.

The figure fading…

A jump to remember.

A jump to not regret.

strangers candy


First off
let me say you look so tired…
rest your head and shut your eyes
empty ambition
blankets the sky…
I’m thinking ’bout another world

so drop the gown the game’s over just push your face into the fight
and it breaks my heart
like dancing up all night
ride so high we both start thinking ’bout another world tonight
and it feels so wrong
like nothing we’ve ever felt before

the stranger’s candy
takes you where you ought to be
in broken alleys in the back of every street
close your eyes tonight

baby you can have it
baby you can have it

ooh baby gnaw me
down to the bone
soon you’ll find I’m never gonna take you back home
well there’s so much you never told me
and there’s not much I want to know
’cause your pretty face will do just fine you’ll be the star
of my every last show
let’s go for a long ride I’ll show you places you won’t ever want to leave

the stranger’s candy
takes you where you ought to be
in broken alleys
in the back of every street
stranger’s candy, broken alleys
yeah tonight

we could bring it all down
we could bring it all down
they think this body’s a dead note
dancing to the beat but they’ll never see this corpse
coming ’till it kills them



to release, yet again
a series of mistakes
continuing to riddle the path.
the trail left behind-
shattered, torn, and patched.
their hearts and memories-
continue to mold
an empty home,
fatherhood, laughter, and frusration
my rejection notice
to all that pass
quickly handed around
and plastered to my chest.
pictures of the fallen
stapled to my abdomen-
an early wake up call
thirty years late.
what was once written
as an epic tale,
ends with the self destructive
he calls himself the martyr
though- he knows he began the war.
a mile long stare
a nervous smile
a fake laugh
decorate his face.
the billboard expands
his chest
creeps to his back.
mummifying this world
lighting a flame this life.
let it float away with the smoke.
litter the earth
to a more useful product.
the charred being
dusts off
and walks along.
used to the charade.
choosing only to dance
and live again.

American Love

One last one from these guys… Lyrics and change ups are amazing…

Exchanging beauty
For the ashes
Given my heart
To nothing real

I’ve given my heart away
To so many things
So many times I’ve failed
Help me stop this endless cycle
Remind me of how it can be

Take me back
I surrender all
Without you
My heart is broken

I never should have let you go
I never should have let you slip
Through my arms

As the sun sets tonight
I’ll hold you with all that I am

I never should have let you go
Promise me
You’ll stay with me forever

Forgive me
For running so quickly to the outside


I wish this band would get back together. Safety and solitude is found in the most abstract of places. How this song has gotten me through difficult times. The rapid waters have a deep soothing violent sound. The bottom of the river is beautiful. Emerge in spirit. Emerge and come forth even stronger.
Please enjoy.

The battle’s over
My heart moves on
I kept my mouth shut
While you screamed and cried
All the lies, all the lies

The battle’s over
My heart moves on
Stood and took the arrows
That cut through my heart
I stood alone, I stood alone

You broke down all my walls
I’ll build them up again
The battle’s over now, my heart moves on

Today I stand, to watch you fall
That’s just to say I’ve had enough
Not even you
Can stop me now
My heart moves on can’t stop me now

My heart knows how
My heart knows how
My heart knows how
My heart

The stone


Finished with the functional. Unconventional. Hazards in the day light. A mixture of anxious and social.
A world found under a stone.
A stone found under the foot.
An emotion left untouched.

Devils in the details.

Patience is rewarded. Eager as ever for the brisk moving future. Short of breathe, but exceeding in oxygen. The time the place the event the person the subject the objective…
The figure of  speech. The emotion I sparked.
The clouds roll over. Once again I am wet. I am cleansed.
Can never fully remember how I got here… I know it was a fast ride.


Abrasive copy

A wonder.
         a new prespective…
Tuned to the waves
         rippling through attitides and emotions.

Metamorphisis has no enemies.
         no rules.
         no judgements.

Fallen beneath the urge to swim. Even there, the view is profound.

Where did the rain go? Cleaned and reconfigured. Spotting new comfort. The blessing you always had, but was forced to step out to recognize.