by coup contrecoup


to release, yet again
a series of mistakes
continuing to riddle the path.
the trail left behind-
shattered, torn, and patched.
their hearts and memories-
continue to mold
an empty home,
fatherhood, laughter, and frusration
my rejection notice
to all that pass
quickly handed around
and plastered to my chest.
pictures of the fallen
stapled to my abdomen-
an early wake up call
thirty years late.
what was once written
as an epic tale,
ends with the self destructive
he calls himself the martyr
though- he knows he began the war.
a mile long stare
a nervous smile
a fake laugh
decorate his face.
the billboard expands
his chest
creeps to his back.
mummifying this world
lighting a flame this life.
let it float away with the smoke.
litter the earth
to a more useful product.
the charred being
dusts off
and walks along.
used to the charade.
choosing only to dance
and live again.