The Manic Placements of a Cause Unknown

The beginning of an end…

Month: June, 2012


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American Love

One last one from these guys… Lyrics and change ups are amazing…

Exchanging beauty
For the ashes
Given my heart
To nothing real

I’ve given my heart away
To so many things
So many times I’ve failed
Help me stop this endless cycle
Remind me of how it can be

Take me back
I surrender all
Without you
My heart is broken

I never should have let you go
I never should have let you slip
Through my arms

As the sun sets tonight
I’ll hold you with all that I am

I never should have let you go
Promise me
You’ll stay with me forever

Forgive me
For running so quickly to the outside


I wish this band would get back together. Safety and solitude is found in the most abstract of places. How this song has gotten me through difficult times. The rapid waters have a deep soothing violent sound. The bottom of the river is beautiful. Emerge in spirit. Emerge and come forth even stronger.
Please enjoy.

The battle’s over
My heart moves on
I kept my mouth shut
While you screamed and cried
All the lies, all the lies

The battle’s over
My heart moves on
Stood and took the arrows
That cut through my heart
I stood alone, I stood alone

You broke down all my walls
I’ll build them up again
The battle’s over now, my heart moves on

Today I stand, to watch you fall
That’s just to say I’ve had enough
Not even you
Can stop me now
My heart moves on can’t stop me now

My heart knows how
My heart knows how
My heart knows how
My heart

present tense

attempting an unbiased approach,
fixated and conquered,
awaiting the next sun to rise.
always escaped.
place these running shoes in the closet.
time left at a stand still.
did we grow up?
or did we grow apart?
constantly with verbal.
never with the mental.

eyes closed. the rain pours.
the lights come on.


“Break old habits. See new trends.”

Following distant paths, memorized

with a break in dust clouds-

found as miracles-

otherwise an over saturated

droplet of emotion-

the tears of an archaic foundation.

Time to open the haunted shoe box.

Release the ghosts of letters past.

The echo harms, though not deadly.

The reverberation crumbles away the rocky walls.

Echoed in the valleys of the cerebellum.

An action now explained…

Was it a fight? Was it a flight?

Switching out guards to watch this soul. Ragamuffin.


The sound echoes, the jail cell breaks, the light shines through, the guards evaportes.

Thought to be imagined, though he created it, the light never felt better. The light never felt stronger.