The Manic Placements of a Cause Unknown

The beginning of an end…

Month: March, 2012

Devils in the details.

Patience is rewarded. Eager as ever for the brisk moving future. Short of breathe, but exceeding in oxygen. The time the place the event the person the subject the objective…
The figure of  speech. The emotion I sparked.
The clouds roll over. Once again I am wet. I am cleansed.
Can never fully remember how I got here… I know it was a fast ride.



Abrasive copy

A wonder.
         a new prespective…
Tuned to the waves
         rippling through attitides and emotions.

Metamorphisis has no enemies.
         no rules.
         no judgements.

Fallen beneath the urge to swim. Even there, the view is profound.

Where did the rain go? Cleaned and reconfigured. Spotting new comfort. The blessing you always had, but was forced to step out to recognize.


No words to express

Tired, withered eyes,
Crossing boundaries to stand by yourside,
We’ve travlled an immense length,
Faith in our hearts beating insync.
The depth, fallen in coincidence.
The strength, bounded with trust.
Another day for a blesses history.

Continually being written.