The Manic Placements of a Cause Unknown

The beginning of an end…

Month: January, 2012



A figure in speech. To speak with white lies. Trimming the fat and securing trust.
More trusting the public, the greater the profit.

My children have the flu. They expel the virus. Its about time our country expels its virus.


A breathable entry (in tree)

An open source,
Placement of sorts. Crawling through branches and twigs inside my chest. Lecturing on my out of balance.

Could never figure this out. When and how I landed here. The new rock. The crumbling foundation. The responsibility I ran from, but continued to long for.

Lying in this bed. Wind caressing the shelter. A terrible threat at one time. Now just a memory of what life was once like. Cold. Frightening. Abrasive.

To leave again. To leave lost.

A stepping akwardnes from lives long and lost.